Shift Your Toxic Relationship with Food for Good . . . In as Quickly as 30 Days

Get to the core issue of your binge eating with a community of like-minded women who know what it feels like . . .

Trust us. We get it.

The mental and emotional grip food had on us was exhausting - and often left us feeling so full of shame and disgust. It’s one of those things many people just don’t understand. Sure, they like food . . . but they aren't obsessed with food like we were. The way we thought about food and our relationship with eating was totally different.

Compulsion drove our eating habits.

There was a constant hamster wheel of thoughts running in our head: obsessing about what we would eat next, and then beating ourselves up for what we ate. Food became the only way we could cope with life. But it hurt more than it helped. When emotions drive us to eat, we use food as a source of comfort, not nourishment. And this can lead us to irrational behavior at times . . . 

Things like...

Trying so hard to stick to the next “magical” meal plan or diet, until our willpower breaks and we would end up eating everything we were NOT supposed to eat-- really quickly, in the pantry while nobody was looking.

Or saying no to an invite from a friend so we could stay home and eat by ourselves.

Stopping at a fast-food restaurant to scarf a burger before dinner. Then, eating a second whole dinner and feeling totally sick for the rest of the night. 

Or eating an entire package of cookies from the cabinet . . . then rushing to the store to replace them before our partner comes home and notices.

We often feel defeated…. worthless...and we feel that we will be stuck in this cycle forever.  

Most people don’t get it, but the truth is: food totally has us in a vise grip!

And this impacts EVERY piece of our lives- from our performance at work, to all of our relationships, to how we take care of ourselves. We had no space for the simple joys of life. Our eating patterns took our happiness. 

The vicious cycle continues, unless you . . . 

Learn How to Claim Your Freedom from Food & Finally Put a Stop to it's Dominance Over Us!

Imagine never obsessing over food again.

Think about being able to handle emotions without scarfing down a bag of potato chips or a half-gallon of ice cream.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get off the roller coaster of extremes: extreme eating, extreme guilt, extreme shame . . . yes...even extreme dieting and exercising, too!

Imagine finally having a healthy relationship with food. Picture the newfound possibilities:


No longer feeling like food has control over you AND freedom from constant thoughts about food


Confidence to be “in the moment” at work and at home – and clear of that mental tug-of-war with food

Role model

Joy in setting a positive example for our children

Peace of mind

Peace of mind to be able to choose what we want to eat and easily stopping when we’re full...without it leading to “binge land”. 

It IS totally possible to make this picture YOUR reality. You CAN learn how to find your own freedom from food.

Finally, There’s a Community Waiting to Help You Rebuild Your Relationship with Food

What we share inside truly rewires people’s minds… and totally changes their lives... forever.

There’s a way to squash that gnawing compulsion once and for all.

The best part? No one has to do this ALONE.

We’re Thrilled to introduce you to
The Path to Food Freedom

Our one-of-a-kind, educational community supports women+, so they’re able to embrace their personal power while discovering the proven tools to heal their food relationships.

We’re a group of like-minded ladies+ who “get it” when it comes to struggling with food and body image.. Because we’ve been there, done that!

Our founder, Natalie Forsythe, talks the talk and walks the walk! She shares her own experiences through her teachings . . . teachings that serve as the foundation for our members.

More than anything, The Path to Food Freedom gives our members the skills to rewire their brains about food . . . and to live a life of freedom and joy.

What Makes Our Program So Incredibly Powerful

(And Why It Works Where Others Fail)

We work on lasting solutions to the underlying issues that cause our unhealthy relationship with food. We’re talking about long-term solutions to the underlying core problem: our thoughts and behaviors connected to eating.

Other approaches to binge eating and yo-yo dieting exist, but they’re profoundly lacking in holistic support from a certified expert who truly gets it. And let’s not forget about the incredibly supportive community of other women+ on the path with you.

Membership in the Path to Food Freedom community provides you the proven techniques for the essential mindset shifts and behavior changes you need.

You will be welcomed into of a supportive community chocked full of opportunities for connection, mentorship and accountability. You will begin to feel relief immediately as you apply these tools.

Watch Our Members Share Their Struggles . . . and Triumphs!

Each and every member receives the necessary tools, support, and community needed to finally stop food from controlling their lives.

The Real-Life Impact The Path to Food Freedom Creates

Members acquire and sharpen lifelong skills they use every single day. Even more exciting is the fact they experience enlightening transformations that alter every facet of their lives—for the better.

Our members discover how to . . .

  • Separate the urge to eat from the act of actually doing it. (Stop a binge before it ever starts!)
  • Stop dieting for good and become an “intuitive eater” who makes empowered choices about how she eats—without a diet or meal plan.
  • Change their thoughts and rewire their brains. Say goodbye to feelings of shame and judgment around food and our bodies!
  • Deal with any emotions without turning to food to cope.
  • Bust out of perfectionistic black-and-white thinking . . . and get off the pendulum swing of out-of-control eating.
  • Cultivate a new joy for life that leads to creating MORE of what you truly want.

“I Can’t Believe This Community Exists! How Does It Work?”

The Path to Food Freedom is packed with everything necessary to free yourself from the food struggle and finally be at peace with your own thoughts. Our monthly membership program is flexible and designed for results. And don’t worry: No one does this alone!

Join and gain immediate access to...

The Path to Food Freedom Curriculum

12 modules of videos that teach the proven tools and essential mindset shifts. Complete with transcripts and daily workbook. And over 20 hours of Natalie's teachings!

The Food Freedom Mentor and Connection Crew

Each member gets her very own Mentor to stay connected throughout her journey. Members connect as often as they like with their small cohorts of other students and their Mentor via a private group thread.

Weekly Live Coaching Calls with Natalie

Community members submit questions for Natalie and receive coaching during the twice-monthly Q&A calls. If that weren’t enough, we go deeper into the teachings and connect with the community during our twice-monthly Connection Calls. That means you get LIVE time with Natalie basically every week!

Access to the Members-Only Path to Food Freedom Facebook Group

Connect with the whole community to get support from folks who get it and are farther along on the journey. We do this together!

Flexible Membership Commitment to The Path to Food Freedom

We’re a monthly membership. Members are free to stick around as long as they like, and as long as the community and the teachings are helpful. There’s no long-term commitment, and members can cancel anytime. What we see most often: Lots of people find a home away from home in our community and love to keep showing up!


Full Access to the Weekly Video Archives

Over a 100 of hours of past calls anytime and anywhere it’s convenient.

Longevity Bonuses that Unlock the Longer You’re a Member

In Month 2, get a one-on-one half-hour coaching session with Natalie personally. In Month 3, get a bonus training with Body Positive Personal Trainer Lily Fontas. And many amore bonuses in between, culminating after Month 12 when The Path to Food Freedom curriculum is yours for life.

Expert Guest Speakers

Members enjoy sessions on important topics to the community, like incorporating joyful movement and how to bring nutrition into Intuitive Eating.

Discounted Access to Our Retreats

Whether it is one of our day long virtual retreats, or one of Natalie’s exclusive in person retreats, members are always the first to know and always get the best price.

Ultimately, we have designed the membership to include everything that our members need to find lasting food freedom.

Psst . . . If you ask our members, they’ll say the real bonus is the community itself. It’s where our members feel understood and supported. More than anything, it’s where the actual, consistent changes our members want more than anything take place.

Join The Path to Food Freedom

All totaled, there’s $500 of value every month, not including the bonuses. But don’t worry… you’re not going to pay anything close to that!

Natalie is on a mission to help as many people as she can find their freedom from food. She dropped the price to just 99 bucks a month!

Who It's For...

The Path to Food Freedom is perfect for you if you:

  • Regularly struggle with binge eating and/or emotional eating.
  • Have tried every diet out there. In your heart you know they don’t work, but you don’t know how to relax around food without some sort of structure.
  • May have heard of intuitive eating, and even tried to figure it out yourself, but you don’t know how to actually make it work for you.
  • Have struggled with your food relationship your whole life. You feel like you have tried a million things, but haven’t found the solution that produces lasting results.
  • Are sick and tired of feeling so out of control around food all the time.
  • Are ready to invest the time to practice the proven tools for healing.
  • Are eager to be part of a community of like-minded women+ who really "get it."
  • No longer want to feel ashamed for how you ate yesterday.
  • Know you are more likely to succeed when you have external accountability from a mentor and friends to keep you focused and on course.
  • Have casually explored mindfulness but haven’t figured out how to actually implement it in your day-to-day life.
  • Believe Intuitive Eating would help you but are not quite sure where to start.

Who It's NOT For...

  • People who are seeking a weight loss solution.
    Look, we know you probably want to lose weight. But here is the reality- the research shows that binge eating behaviors are commonly caused by dieting and weight loss attempts. And let’s be real, dieting leads people to yo-yo. At least 65% of people end up gaining back more weight than they have ever lost from dieting. This community will support you to actually heal the core struggles in your food and body relationship.) 
  • Folks who are looking for strict meal plans or a diet structure.
    Hint: these kind of restrictive plans are a big reason why got you into this mess with bingeing and emotional eating to start with.
  • People who are considered to be medically unstable due to their disordered eating patterns.
    We do support people who have clinically diagnosed eating disorders, though we urge people with extreme disordered patterns to seek help from a therapist, an Intuitive Eating and HAES based dietitian, in addition to getting support within our community. We are staunch advocates for the importance of having a team of support to find freedom. Many people find that full team within The Path to Food Freedom, though depending upon the severity of your struggle, outside support may be appropriate. . 
  • People who feel like they are practically experts in Intuitive Eating and mindfulness practices already.
    This community might not be the best place for you to keep advancing your Food Freedom journey. However, more advanced students who are seeking support might want to apply to work with Natalie one-on-one.
  • People who aren’t willing to try new methods and really practice the teachings.
    Here’s the deal: you can totally rewire your brain and change your behaviors, but it does take actually practicing the tools. You can do this! And don’t worry, there is all kinds of support for when you feel like you get stuck.

It’s time to say YES to the tools and support you need to thrive. . .

Natalie Forsythe

Natalie Forsythe is the creator and lead teacher of The Path to Food Freedom educational community. She’s dedicated to helping women embrace their personal power while learning the proven tools to heal their food relationships.

Natalie is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and earned her Bachelor's in Psychology from Marlboro College. Natalie has a Certificate in Eating and Weight Disorders from UC Berkeley. She is certified by The Coaches Training Institute as a Certified Co-Active Coach and by the International Coaching Federation as a Professional Certified Coach.

Need Some Reassurance? How About a Guarantee?


30-day-Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Becoming a member is a no-brainer for those who know they need the tools, mentorship and this community. But we understand that you’ve most likely have tried SO MANY things to figure out your food relationship. So you may be doubting this will actually work for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

Natalie Forsythe

Here's our promise

This community is a place of profound transformation. The tools, the incredible support, and the community work. Everyday we hear magical stories of people stopping a binge before it even started, or celebrating a milestone- like not bingeing for 3 years!!

But, of course, we know we aren’t for everyone. We want to make sure that the right people find our community.

That is why we have taken away all of the risk in your choice by providing a 30-day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you are unsatisfied within two weeks of registration, we will give you every penny back. No questions asked.

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