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  • What’s great about this Type
  • What pitfalls this Type experiences
  • What to look at specifically, so things can begin to shift
  • How to move beyond your old patterns with food addition to many more insights on what you can do with this information, so you can start to feel empowered, confident, and relaxed around food.

FREE Masterclass 
If your Food Freedom Type is resonating so far,
I want to let you know about a free class that I’ve taught to thousands of women just like you. 
This free masterclass is about adopting a new way of being with food.

You’ll learn about a profound, innovative, and relatively new set of tools that have been scientifically tested and shown to help people stop emotional eating and binge eating.
How to finally...
Find Freedom From Out of Control Eating

These tools have changed my life, and the lives of so many of my students.

I know without a doubt that it can help you too.

This class is for you if...
  • You’re in a rut when it comes to food and your body
  • You regularly feel out of control with food

  • You’re ready to learn a different way to interact with food and your body

Here’s what people have said about the class...

“The word "freedom" drew me to the class. I decided I was worth the time and effort to explore a different approach to an old problem. I'm so glad I did!! I want everyone to enjoy this freedom from food obsession that I’ve found!”  ~Michele

“It was almost one of those “too good to be true” things. I felt really empowered at the end [of the class] that it wasn’t an insurmountable journey.” ~Stephanie

“When Natalie asked us to consider what percentage of our daily thoughts were about food, it stopped me in my tracks. I was in the 80-90% range at the time, or at least it seemed like it. I literally felt food was driving me insane. When I found this class, I knew I had to look NO further and peace of mind was just around the corner.” ~Donna

“It sounded like this was exactly what I had been needing my whole life. Natalie seemed very friendly and approachable from the beginning. I got the feeling that someone finally gets me and cares!” ~Monica

“There were some “have you ever” questions regarding behaviors around food and I pretty much checked off all of them and they were things that I was mortified by and would have never told anyone about. The idea that these were things other people did too AND that there was help for that?? I was in. Just the idea that I could hop off the food & diet obsession hamster wheel and feel “normal” was so exciting to me.” ~Kristi

“Finally, someone that understands 100 percent what I am going through.” ~Cathy

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