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Are you the Boss? The Giver?
The Rebel? The Rock?

Take this free quiz
and find out your

Food Freedom Type

Learn the biggest mistakes that keep you stuck in YOUR particular patterns with food.

Get a specialized road map to food freedom designed for the unique struggles of your Type.

You'll Learn...

  • The biggest mistake you are making and how it is actually making your eating patterns worse.
  • The most important specific thing that you need to focus on, specific to your Type, so you can finally feel peaceful around food.
  • What your greatest Food Freedom type strengths are, and how those qualities can help you to overcome your food struggles.

If you feel like you've already tried everything,

you MUST take this quiz.

Nearly half of all Americans struggle with some kind of disordered eating habit.

It’s common. It’s painful. And change is possible.

The creator of this quiz has supported over 20,000 women to change their patterns with food by using evidence based tools that are proven to work.

Healing is possible.

You can change.

Taking this quiz is the first step.

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