Does that sound like I’m promising too much?

Maybe loving yourself and loving your life is so far away from your experience right now that you can’t see the road to get there...

And maybe you’re not quite ready to shake the maddening hope that,

THIS TIME, you'll actually be able to: 

Stick to the diet, plan, protocol, tracking app — sure, you’ll spend every waking moment thinking about food, but that’s the price you have to pay, right?

Shame yourself into losing weight

Exercise instead of eat (to calm your emotions, deal with stress, get the task done)

Take care of everyone else first, put yourself last, while living on carrots and celery without losing your mind…

Let me ask you:


No. At least, not for long.

This is the ride we’ve been on.

This is the ride that’s been sold to us as the only ride out there.

Do you stay on? Get off? Give up? Give in? Keep going around in circles watching your weight go up and down like a damn carousel?

Try this for a moment instead:

Take the idea of self-control, and pull it off over your head like a too-tight sweater and leave it crumpled on the floor.

Shame, guilt and shoulds? KonMari that shit like you’re removing all the thongs from your panty drawer (you know they don’t bring you joy). 

Then take willpower, ball it up in your hands, lob it into the air and dropkick it into the next field.

And all of the stories people have told you about what worked for them, or what should work for you? Different diets, or “eat less, exercise more.” Write them down in pencil and then erase every stupid word.

Take a deep breath.

What you’re feeling right now-- 

as you imagine letting go of all that food and body BS--

is a taste of real Freedom.

And if you’re thinking “Ack! What’s even LEFT?!” — that’s normal in the beginning.

So much of your life has been consumed by

what you do and don’t consume.

And when you change that — you have a chance to change everything.


You don’t have to stay stuck 

on the carousel ride. 

There are more options for your one wild and precious life (cue Mary Oliver) than being trapped in the all or nothing, virtue or vice, binge or restriction  binaries.

isn't about giving up or giving in.


It’s a membership and community-supported process to support women like us to leave behind:

Obsessing over every calorie, point, micro and macro

● Controlling and restricting, only to eat a muffin and dive into “well, if I can’t do it perfectly, fuck it. Might as well not do it at all!” (Cue binge.)

● Feeling worthless, broken, powerless and ashamed — judging yourself for blowing all of that “progress” again

● Bingeing even more to comfort, to punish, to rebel...Until the cycle begins again.

I was trapped in that cycle for a long, long time.

I can remember spooning brown sugar into my mouth as a toddler and stealing Ritz cracker sleeves as an 8-year-old. I went on my first restrictive diet and exercise regimen at 14, and had a full blown eating disorder by high school.

For five years I actively searched for therapists, dieticians, nutritionists who understood that all the ‘regular paths’ to weight loss were diametrically opposed to my mental health. But most of them didn’t share my struggle, weren’t trained in eating disorders, and kept prescribing strict meal plans that increased disordered eating behaviors.

I felt so alone and wished for a community of women (and professionals) who really got me, who could walk alongside me. So I created it.

The Path to Food Freedom is more than a course, and it’s more than a community. It’s a close-knit circle of women who understand each others’ struggles and celebrate each other’s progress — not as dictated by the scale, but measured in how much of yourself, your life and your happiness you reclaim.

Some of the women in The Path to Food Freedom have been with me for over six years. They talk to each other every day. They tell each other things about their lives that nobody else knows. They’re best friends.

I hear you — you’re thinking:

 “Well, if we’re not dieting or trying to control…

what exactly are we doing?”


The goal we’re working towards is what I call

“Empowered Choice."

Where you feel genuinely empowered to choose what you eat  and how you move your body by:


Stop dieting for good and become an “intuitive eater” who makes empowered choices about how you eat—without a diet or meal plan.


Cultivate a new joy for life that leads to creating MORE of what yout truly want. Deal with any emotions without turning to food to cope.



Bust out of perfectionistic black-and-white thinking . . . and get off the pendulum swing of the yoyo diet/binge/body shame cycle.


Change your thoughts and rewire your brain. Say goodbye to feelings of shame and judgment around food and our bodies!

All without restricting or bingeing.

If that sounds harder than counting calories, it is.

 At least in the beginning.

It’s also more effective at improving your long-term mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.

This is how you become stronger.

This is how you say “no thank you” to what you don’t really want on your plate, and in your life.

This is how you say HELL YES to yourself.

This is how you start to move into greater alignment with what you value and how you want to feel.

And that is completely different from the willpower-to-bingeing pendulum swing, the black and white, all or nothing, saint or sinner, perfectionistic model that keeps us going around in circles.

Claim freedom. 

Drop judgement.

Show up and be empowered in choice.

With a ton of support from women who get it.

That’s The Deal.

If I haven’t been clear already: This program is not: a weight loss program. There is no meal plan. I’m not telling you what you can or can’t eat (anyone tries to promise long-term weight loss is perpetuating the problem).

This is also not therapy and doesn’t take its place. And this is not a space where you get to complain and not actually do the work to make positive change.

And, this isn’t just about food. (None of this stuff is really about food). This is about how we, as complicated humans, deal with our thoughts, emotions and the needs of our bodies.

This is about truly claiming your own inherent worthiness.


  • Practice sovereignty and agency with a community of women who have your back as you learn how to stop unwanted eating
  • Work on mindfulness, awareness of your wants and needs, and listening to your body and your heart so you develop the self-trust and emotional resiliency to holistically, and completely, change your life.
  • Develop the skills to rewire your brain away from food-obsession, and back to living fully.
  • Learn to sit with and feel instead of eat, so you can process uncomfortable emotions without turning to food to cope.
  • Oh yeah... and you get to stop dieting for good.

What our community members have to say:

*For easier reading, click on each image below to enlarge



The Path to Food Freedom 


A step by step curriculum with videos, transcripts, and weekly workbooks to empower you to:

  • Stop binge eating, emotional eating, and yo-yo dieting cycles
  • Consciously choose how much, what and when to eat
  • Deal with your emotions with the kind of support you really need (not food)
  • Halt the hamster wheel of food and body thoughts

This is the core of the curriculum, and making sure you have the time and ability to watch the videos and do the work is critical to your success. But, you’ll have company and accountability support (you don’t have to do this alone - that’s the whole point!).

By the end of 12 modules, you’ll be ready to step into your own power and create a life that is aligned with what you care about most.


Live Coaching Calls 

with Natalie

Yes, the curriculum is pre-recorded, which is super convenient for your schedule, but nothing beats the magic of live coaching calls. 

You’ll get access to TWO monthly coaching calls with Natalie where you can apply to be coached directly.

Whether you’re being coached yourself, or one of your community sisters is in the hot seat, you will get so many a-ha moments from Natalie's insightful coaching.

AND at least once a month, a guest expert leads a coaching call, too!


Study Parties with the

Food Freedom Coaches

To help you stay on track with the Food Freedom Roadmap, we’ve set up Study Parties with our Food Freedom Coaches.

These calls help you carve out time for yourself to watch the classes and do the work, while having a lot of fun with the community members!

Come to the study party, set an intention for what you’ll be studying for the next hour, and come back to discuss what you learned and if you get stuck in the middle you can come ask the coaches questions.


Unlimited Online 

Food Freedom Coaching 

We don’t want anyone to get stuck, so to help you over the sticky bits, you’ll always have access to one of our Food Freedom Coaches to guide you through the next step. 

All you have to do is post with #askacoach in our members-only online group, and you will get coached on your problem by at least one of our Food Freedom Coaches within one day. (Monday - Friday, ‘cause we’re all about healthy boundaries and work-life balance!)

There’s no limit to the amount of coaching you can request.


Access to the Members-Only 

Path to Food Freedom Online Forum

This community has been around since 2015 and our members are a wealth of information and inspiration.

On our Path to Food Freedom online forum, you can connect with people who are on the journey, and farther along the journey.

Community connection is at the heart of what makes this membership so effective.

This is a space where you can come knowing you will be embraced and celebrated.


Flexible Membership Commitment 

to the Path to Food Freedom 

This is a monthly membership community, which means you are free to stick around as long as you like, and as long as the community and teachings are helpful.

There is no long-term commitment and you can cancel any time with fourteen days notice.

This is important to us because many of our members have spent thousands on diet plans, gym packages and therapy sessions, and it’s reasonable to not want to spend another dime. We know that this is different from anything you’ve tried before. But until you actually try it, you won’t know. So try it.

We offer a 1-month money back guarantee, so there is literally nothing to lose and your whole life to gain.

Three more ways we set you up for success:


Jumpstart Private Coaching Call with Natalie

In a 1:1 call with Natalie, you’ll get clear on what is most important to you and set your intentions for a strong start.


Food Freedom Foundations Course Lifetime Access

When you join The Path to Food Freedom, we give you our life-changing Food Freedom Foundations course-- yours to keep, no matter when you decide to leave the community.

This course teaches you the 8 Foundational Tools to Food Freedom. We have had many a community member start practicing these tools, and experience big changes within the first couple of weeks. 

Folks have reported back that they have been able to stop a binge before it ever even started, just from the tools in this course, which are yours forever when you join us in your first month.


The longer you’re in, the better it gets!!

  • When you sign up, you’ll get instant lifetime access to the Food Freedom Foundations Course. You’ll love it, I promise!
  • And it keeps going! New fun extras for 12 months straight to keep you engaged, growing, and enjoying the process.
  • After 1 month, you get access to our extensive coaching call archives
  • After 3 months, you get a private 1:1 call with Natalie and access to the connection call archives.
  • After 6 months, you get to participate in the Advanced Coaching call with Natalie and your peers.
  • After 1 year, you’ll get lifetime access to the Path to Food Freedom Roadmap, private coaching with Natalie, and more. At that point, you’re pretty much family. 

Sign up for $97/month

Yes, there’s a 1-month money-back guarantee if you don’t love the community for any reason, 

and this is just a month-to-month commitment. No contract!

Women who love The Path to Food Freedom Community tend to have a few things in common.

This community is for you if:

  • You enjoy learning and like to engage with other people. This is a social, supportive community of women, and interaction is kinda the point! (But don't worry introverts. There's lots of space for you here.)
  • You are willing to make time to watch the recorded curriculum and take advantage of the support and accountability we offer. 
  • You identify as a woman.

You’ll fit right in if…

  • You’re in the helping professions — many of the women in this membership are nurses, teachers, social workers, or are drawn to community service. They care deeply about other people.
  • You don’t have to be in a helping profession, it’s just a strong correlation we’ve noticed. The women here tend to be helpful, warm, open-hearted, deeply caring people, whether they do it for their day job or not.

Who It's NOT For...

This is not a good fit if you...

  • Are seeking a weight loss solution.  Look, we know you probably want to lose weight. But here is the reality- the research shows that binge eating behaviors are commonly caused by weight loss attempts. And let’s be real, dieting leads people to yo-yo.
  • At least 65% of people end up gaining back more weight than they have ever lost from dieting. This community will support you to actually heal the core struggles in your food and body relationship.
  • Are looking for strict meal plans or a diet structure. Hint: these kind of restrictive plans are a big reason why got you into this mess with bingeing and emotional eating to start with. You are going to learn how to actually cultivate your capacity to choose what food and movement feel best to you.
  • Aren’t willing to try new methods and really practice the teachings.
    Here’s the deal: you can totally rewire your brain and change your behaviors, but it does take actually practicing the tools. You can do this! And don’t worry, there is all kinds of support for when you feel like you get stuck for how you ate yesterday.
  • Are considered to be medically unstable due to their disordered eating patterns and do not have a recovery team. We do support people who have clinically diagnosed eating disorders, though we urge people with extreme disordered patterns to seek help from a therapist, an Intuitive Eating and HAES based dietitian, in addition to getting support within our community.
  • We are staunch advocates for the importance of having a team of support to find freedom. Many people find that full team within The Path to Food Freedom, though depending upon the severity of your struggle, outside support may be appropriate. Our community is a fabulous addition to traditional treatment teams.

Yes, there’s a 1-month money-back guarantee if you don’t love the community for any reason, 

and this is just a month-to-month commitment. No contract!

About me: 

Oh hey! I'm Natalie Forsythe: plant-lady extraordinaire, van-camping adventure queen, and founder of the Path to Food Freedom in 2015.

More than anything, The Path to Food Freedom gives our members the skills to rewire their brains about food . . . and to live a life of freedom and joy.


  • Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor
  • Certificate in Eating and Weight Disorders from UC Berkeley
  • Certified Co-Active Coach by The Coaches Training Institute
  • Professional Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
  • Decade long personal recovery from Bulimia, and Binge Eating Disorder
  • Supporting clients to claim their own freedom for 8+ years.
  • My Mission

    I founded The Path to Food Freedom to help women like me, and you, to reclaim our power, strength and dignity. Frankly, what our society leads us to believe about how to be with our minds, bodies and emotions doesn’t work, and leads us to relying on other people to tell us what to do, how to live, how to think, and, of course, what to eat. We spend our money to look like an airbrushed model, we spend our time, energy and brainpower trying to feel worthy, and the systems we buy into set us up to fail.

    I designed The Path to Food Freedom with everything proven to set you up for success. To give you back your time, your brain power, your energy — and your sovereignty. When I say this isn’t about weight, or even food, I mean it. This is about a revolution of women taking back what’s ours. Are you with me? I can't wait to see what you are going to do, once you reclaim all of your precious mental energy and time.

    My Passions

    • Propagating succulents in my backyard, in Berkeley, CA
    • Exploring the National Parks-- southern Utah is my FAVORITE.
    • Creating kiln-formed glass art for friends when they get married or have babies (this was my first career in my 20's!)
    • Finding beauty in nature--fractals anybody? IFYKYK
    • Making magical dinner parties for and with dear friends
    • Going on wild adventures abroad with my dear old dad (Greece is next!)
    • Supporting my community members to get in touch with their own passions.
    Here's my promise to you...

    This community is a place of profound transformation. The tools, the incredible support, and the community WORK! 

    Everyday we hear magical stories of people stopping a binge before it even started, or celebrating a milestone - like not bingeing for 3 years!!

    That’s why I have taken away all of the risk by offering a 1-month money back guarantee. 

    If you are unsatisfied for any reason within your first 30 days, all you have to do is send us an email, and we will refund your money, no questions asked.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I know you probably have a ton of questions! 

    So I wanted to cover a few that I get asked most...


    To get the most out of the program, it will take about 10 minutes/day of practicing tools, and 3-4 hours/month of watching classes.

    Here is a more detailed breakdown of your time commitment:

    • Daily: 10 minutes to practice tools.
    • Monthly: 3 hours to watch the classes and an optional 1 hour of Live Coaching Calls with Natalie.


    Everyone who joins the Path to Food Freedom gets:

    • The Path to Food Freedom Roadmap is filled with the proven tools to heal your food relationship and the inspiration that you need to walk this spiritual path of healing.
    • Live Monthly Coaching Calls with Natalie and the whole community where you can apply to get coached directly by Natalie
    • Live Study Parties with our Coaches and community to help you learn the tools of Food Freedom and have a bunch of fun while you do it while you are at it.
    •  Unlimited Online Coaching where you can always get help from our amazing Food Freedom Coaches.
    • Access to the Members-Only Community Forum where the whole community of amazing women share wisdom and support.
    • A bunch of really cool bonuses that will unlock the longer you are a member. 



    Whenever you get stuck, we will always be there to guide you.

    Just post in our Members-Only Community Forum, with #askacoach, and you will get coaching by at least one of our coaches within a day. There is no limit to the amount of coaching you request. Natalie might even chime in with a video for you to coach you with your struggles. 

    You can show up to Live Coaching Calls with Natalie.  You can apply to be coached live on these calls, and even if you aren’t being coached, you will get a TON out of being with Natalie live. These calls are always recorded if you miss them. 

    Natalie also has a few spaces in her calendar for one-on-one students. If you feel like you want some more support from her, you can inquire about private work.


    After 1 month, you become a BRONZE MEMBER. ($1,200 value)

    • Access to The Mindfulness Moments Mini-Course
    • Access to the Coaching Call Archives (60+ hours of calls, and counting)

    After 3 months, you become a SILVER MEMBER. ($1,300 value)

    • A Private Coaching Call with one of our amazing Food Freedom Coaches
    • Access to the Connection Call Archives (60+ hours of Natalie teaching live to the community)

    At 6 months, you become a GOLD MEMBER. ($3,000 value)

    • Show up LIVE on the monthly Connection Calls with Natalie 
    • Access to The Food Freedom Refresher Course

    At 1 year, you become a PLATINUM MEMBER. ($9,000 value)

    • LIFETIME ACCESS to the Path to Food Freedom Roadmap Course, even if you leave the community, you get to keep the whole curriculum for life!!
    • Exclusive access to the intimate PLATINUM Live Coaching Call with Natalie each month
    • The Intuitive Eating Principles Course, where you can dive deep on the 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating with Natalie
    • A Private Coaching Call with one of our amazing Food Freedom Coaches


    You will learn how to separate the urge to eat from the act of actually doing it, so that you can stop a binge before it ever starts.

    You will learn how to become an intuitive eater so that you can make caring choices about how much, what and when you eat. 

    You will change your thoughts and rewire your brain as you let go of the shame and judgment around food and body... and everything else for that matter!

    You will learn how to deal with any emotions that come without turning to food.

    You will learn how to bust out of perfectionistic black and white thinking, so that you can get off the pendulum swing of out-of-control eating.


    Here are a few short quotes from our students:

    "This program has been a huge part of my life. I have made changes that I never thought possible. It feels miraculous. I so appreciate Natalie." -Tracey, five months in the community.

    "I was bingeing daily. Minimum of three times a week. I would say it has been three or four weeks since i’ve binged. I bought Hershey’s kisses after Christmas and still have them left in my jar six weeks later." -Cathy, three months in the community.

    "I was grasping at straws when I showed up. I was binge eating all the time. These days, I'm feeling happy. I'm not stressed out. I'm feeling really healthy and good inside about life. I’m making choices to feel good. I haven’t binged in at least a month." -Shellie, eight months in the community.

    "All my eating was unconscious eating and it was Last Supper eating everyday. Maybe 10% of the time time is unconscious now. There has been such a huge huge shift in the way I eat. It has been tremendous." -Jana, nine months in the community.

    "I would eat less on the weekdays, then I would spend Saturday and Sunday bingeing and sick. These days look way different. I can't even remember the last time I binged. I have all of this new mental space. I joined a dance class. I'm going to be performing at this festival. I would have never done that before this program."        -Jacklyn, four months in the community.

    "I was dieting and working out twice and day. And then the pendulum would swing and I would eat everything. I was out-of-control. I was way out of control. I have learned that I don’t have to be in the extremes. I don’t have to be a perfectionist. I’ve learned self-care. I used to eat out-of-control every other day. I can’t even remember how long since I have eaten that way. So, that means it has been months." -Vicki, six months into the program.


    Natalie is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor with her Bachelor's in Psychology from Marlboro College and a Processional Certificate in Eating and Weight Disorders from UC Berkeley. She is certified by The Coaches Training Institute as a Certified Co-Active Coach and by the International Coaching Federation as a Professional Certified Coach. 

    But her extensive training is only half of what she brings to the table. Natalie recovered from a decade long struggle with Bulimia. She knows the throes of yoyo dieting, binge eating and emotional eating. This has been her own path to freedom. It is her life mission now to help thousands upon thousands of women to experience the freedom she has found for herself.

    Read her full bio.


    Maybe. But, that really is not what this program is about. The Path to Food Freedom is a weight neutral approach.

    We are here to find freedom from the mental obsession with food and body. We are here to heal our food relationships. Focusing on weight is a part of the pendulum swing which keeps people stuck. Purposeful weight loss has been shown to result in greater weight gain for the vast majority of people.

    Some people do lose weight because they lost the obsession, and learned how to listen to their bodies. Other people lost the obsession and their bodies stayed the same, or perhaps even gained weight.

    Every body is different. Depending upon where you are on the pendulum swing, and taking into account metabolic and genetic factors outside of your control, your body will find its own balance, even if it isn’t the number that you have in mind. You will get lots of tools to help you change your mind about the importance of weight as an indicator of your health and worth.

    Most importantly, you will come to deeply know that you are inherently worthy. Your weight does not dictate your worthiness. Your brilliance will begin to shine, more and more each day you are in the community.


    First off, most of the time when people say they have tried everything, we discover that they have tried every diet, maybe read a few books about binge eating, maybe done a little therapy. But they haven’t actually learned the proven tools, nor have they gotten the real support they need over time to make lasting changes. 

    One of the things that sets our community apart the most: your Inner Circle and Mentor. You get to grow genuine friendships with these women. You can show up as much as you want (some people check in multiple times a day, others a few times a month. You do you boo!) The more you put into these relationships, the more you will get out! 

    This is about walking the path alongside other people who get it. When you really show up to your Inner Circle and on our Live Calls, you will make life long friends. These women get you. We all need to feel that we belong. You belong here. 

    The people make this community remarkable enough, though what you will learn here is off the charts different from any other thing you have tried. 

    The Path to Food Freedom is a powerful blend of science and spirituality. 

    We are using the most cutting edge, evidence-based tools. Natalie is obsessed with staying up to date on the latest research about how to stop disordered eating patterns. 

    We also know that this is more than just about practicing tools. We know that you can feel deep down that this is about more than just food. 

    You know that you have a spiritual path to walk. This is about healing from self-judgment and shame. This is about stepping into your own sense of self worth. This is about learning to set boundaries and stand up for yourself. This is about connecting to your relationship with spirit and getting support from beyond just your mind. 

    (We have people who practice specific religions, people who are spiritual, and others whose spiritual growth journey is solely within themselves and growing their capacity for awareness.)


    Everything you get in the membership each month is easily worth $500. 

    That said, we are dedicated to as many people as possible to find Food Freedom. The monthly membership costs $97.


    Our Refund Policy: We have a 14 day satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied, for any reason whatsover in your first 14 days, just email us and we will refund your payment.  No questions asked.

    Our Cancellation Policy: You are welcome to cancel your membership anytime. There is no long term contract. All you need to do is fill out the form at You must cancel at least 7 days before your next billing date, in order to cancel your membership for the next month.  No exceptions.


    We believe women learn better together. We are a space for women to come together and focus on healing and empowerment. There is a magic that is cultivated when women come together in mutual support.

    Our community members share their stories of personal trauma and triumph. By making this community a space purposefully for women, we cultivate an environment where it is safe to share deeply and heal. 

    We understand the way that our genders inform our food and body relationships. We feel it is especially important to designate spaces to uplift and affirm feminine experiences in a society that typically centers the masculine experience. 

    Our community is for self-identified women and femme folks. 


    All kinds of women and femme folks participate in The Path to Food Freedom. We have participants who are in their 20’s all the way through to participants in their 80’s.  We have found that A LOT of people in helping professions find their way to our community. Lots of teachers, therapists, nurses, social workers. Lots of moms and lots of women without kids. 

    We are as alike one another as we are different. The most powerful part of the community is being with a group of other women who get what you are going through and have your back as you walk the path. 

    If you are a woman who is ready to heal your food and body relationship, and you want equal parts proven tools and a profound spiritual journey, this is the community for you.

    Yes, there’s a 1-month money-back guarantee if you don’t love the community for any reason, 

    and this is just a month-to-month commitment. No contract!

    © Natalie Forsythe. All Rights Reserved.

    Meet Our Founder

    Natalie Forsythe

    Natalie Forsythe is the creator and lead teacher of The Path to Food Freedom educational community. She’s dedicated to helping women embrace their personal power while learning the proven tools to heal their food relationships.

    Natalie is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and earned her Bachelor's in Psychology from Marlboro College. Natalie has a Certificate in Eating and Weight Disorders from UC Berkeley. She is certified by The Coaches Training Institute as a Certified Co-Active Coach and by the International Coaching Federation as a Professional Certified Coach.

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