I believe that we are all incredibly creative and resourceful.   

I believe that we are immensely powerful. 

I believe that we all have the possibility to transform from seemingly fixed states, into vibrantly flowing ones.  

we use words to control our brain.  it is one of the primary ways that we think.  when we are in incredible self-deprecation and hatred, and we are using words that say just those things, then we are in a space where we are allowing our mind to control us.  it is a tool that tends toward a downward spiral, the nature of the human condition is one in which we are in pain.  it is what our mind will do when we do not choose how to use it and we are being controlled by our mind.  the moment that we start to choose our story, to choose the words that direct our thoughts, that we shift gears from our mind controlling us, to a space where we, our consciousness is using the mind as the incredible tool that it is.  from this space of accessed consciousness, we are able to create, inspire and open up.

ah the distinction between mind and brain.  brain is the biological piece.  it is what is in our skull that commands our body to move around, to know when we are hungry to understand when we are in danger, to process hormones and other surges of chemicals. 

our mind, on the other hand, is the cultivated space in which most people's direct experience in life lies.  it is the space where we have our thoughts, create our goals, plans, recall memories and have an intricate story of how our life is and what meaning it has. 

our brain is full of neural pathways where our mind controls those pathways.  with our thoughts, we create deep ruts in our brain that it is very difficult to get out of.  and each time we drive our thoughts through them, we can't help but to stay confined within them. 

gaining awareness is like a gentle rain, and with each droplet, the dry mud of our brains begin to soften, and the powerful wheels of our mind are able to start to rise up over the edge of the rut that we have been in for so long and to make a different path.  at first it is a subtle shift.  with time the ruts have been smoothed, and we genuinely get to choose where to direct the wheels of our mind. 

as we begin to shift he narrative, the words that we are using, then our mind starts to loosen its grip on knowing which way to go.  suddenly the brain opens up into an expansive space of possibility.  each time that we choose words that are in alignment with our values, our experience of life begins to open wider.  each subsequent time that we choose those value-aligned thoughts, the vehicle of our mind can see the clear path of life purpose and follows it with ease and grace.