"I have sat with lots of therapists in the past.  And I have to tell you, Natalie, this is by far the best session I have ever had. -TL, client  in her sixties, after three sessions.  

"I was consumed by food. So much of my energy went to guilting and hating myself for what I had eaten, debating whether to purge or jump into the next insane cleanse or diet, and then judging myself more when it didn't work or I "failed" at it. It was constant pain and discomfort.  Natalie taught me how to love myself in that place, by empowering me with tools to understand what was really going on in my system and to actually see a way out. She helped me find the healing power of presence, how to be present with my body, my eating, and my emotions, and how much choice I actually had in those moments. Now I'm completely amazed to say that I have a grounded and loving relationship with food. I haven't had that sickly-full feeling in months, and I actually enjoy the feeling of being in my body. I don't limit myself with labels, I eat what makes my body feel good, and I don't judge my food as "bad" or "good" or judge myself for eating certain things. And when I do eat something that doesn't feel good, I can stop." -SW

"Before I met Natalie, I had resigned myself to the fact that my "food crazies" were an unshakable part of my daily life and plans for the future. I had been told in the past that after moving past the dangerous and acute phase of my eating disorder, I could only hope to manage the lingering thoughts and behaviors. The fatigue of this constant management had me at the end of my mental and emotional resources, I felt like I was just dealing with a chronic illness.  

While working with Natalie, I learned that I no longer had to be defined by my past experiences with food. I didn't have to make "crazy" a part of my self-concept or work myself into tears at the thought of a change in plans for dinner. I came to see that food was just the way I had learned to manifest my insecurities and have some concrete way of handling - or avoiding - the stresses in my life. Seeing myself as someone with "insecurities to work through" and not "someone who can't have a normal relationship with food" made me feel like a normal person instead of someone with a disease. 

When Natalie first said, "What would you say if I told you that you could not feel this way anymore," I didn't know how to answer because I had given up on that goal. But now I can say that it was possible and has happened - I honestly can't imagine feeling like I did a year ago, and it's all thanks to me taking a big leap and Natalie being there to guide me through a different way of being. I feel like I've worked for and earned the place where I am today, but I think that working with Natalie was the essential component that had been missing the whole time." -AL

"So far my holiday has been amazing.  I had a zero-guilt food day yesterday.  Ate as much of whatever I wanted, but I didn't overeat.  I didn't feel owned by the food.  And I made choices based on what would honor my body the most.  So yeah, I actually ate less of the sweet stuff that I would have ended up bingeing on in years past.  That's pretty freaking cool."-TM, sent as a check-in email on Christmas morning.

"Before we started coaching, I was bingeing all the time and I was not in tune with myself about what and why I was eating.  There was shame that came around when I ate certain foods, and I was using food only for comfort.  Whereas now, I am able to use the skills I have learned to enjoy food, and to not be ashamed about it.  I have a much better relationship with food than before I met Natalie.  Also, I am able to see myself in other ways, besides just in a superficial way. I know myself on a deeper level.  - RM.

"Before I met Natalie, I was struggling and very challenged by emotional eating and then getting caught in a guilt and shame cycle, that made me want to hide and eat more to numb the feelings.  While working with Natalie, I came to realize that I was simply using the wrong tools and that they were outdated.  I also learned to not judge my cravings.  By doing this, it allowed me to see that the craving was a symptom from a deeper unhappiness and of feeling empty.  Now, I am much more gentle with myself and much more inquisitive into the cause of craving certain foods or overeating.  Instead of acting on the urges, I now know that my body is communicating with me.  I am better at listening with deep compassion, knowing that eating will not be the solution to my deeper hungers and that it will never truly be able to satisfy them."-HM

"Wow. Working with Natalie as my coach was an incredible experience. She is so transparent, sensitive, empathetic and dynamic, which in turn, made me feel okay to use my VOICE and Body during our sessions. The biggest gift I got from working with Natalie was to simply TRUST my intuition. I was feeling very stuck around an issue and was under a time-crunch, and Natalie empowered me to believe in myself. I will never forget that. Thank you!!!" - JH

"I was in just the right place to work with Natalie and am so grateful I found her. Natalie has an incredible ability to create space for you to explore what you really want out of life. Having Natalie as my coach has brought me closer to my true sense of self and has brought me a greater awareness and presence in my everyday life. Natalie has consistently surprised me with thought provoking and awareness building questions that give me an "a-ha moment" at each session. Our coaching calls always make me feel rejuvenated and re-ignite my inner passions. My life has been much enhanced by having Natalie in my life. I would recommend her to all my friends and family - and even strangers on the street!" -EH

"Having her involved in my goal gave me a feeling of capability and commitment. Natalie's coaching style helped me a lot. She makes me laugh a lot so the coaching is fun.  She is super kind and also very, very smart.  Her strong emotional support inspired me to find solutions. I made up a new evening routine, and actually started sticking to it *for the first time!* Natalie brainstormed new ideas with me and helped me tap into the deep personal values that finally motivated me to make the changes I wanted." -VS

"I am very fortunate to have Natalie in my life.  It's been a particularly difficult year with numerous challenges; Her coaching and support has helped me embrace change, creating a better relationship with myself which will undoubtedly mean healthier relationships with others. -MD

"Natalie provided me with fresh perspective and positive energy during a major life transition. Her problem-solving frame of mind, exceptional empathy and out-of-the-box solutions helped me find new ways to approach major roadblocks and create my own stepping stones in the right direction. I am tremendously grateful for her coaching." -HR

"Working with Natalie has helped me identify the values that matter most to me. Understanding how to connect those values to the choices I make in my daily life has helped me tap into the motivation behind my actions. Natalie is an extremely wise, supportive and encouraging coach. I really appreciate the way she gives me the freedom to design how I want my coaching to look.  I am able choose the tools that are exciting to me and work for me."   -RA