I am fiercely committed to creating positive change in the world.  As part of my commitment, I give 5% of my coaching income directly to Phat Beets Produce and Planting Justice.  I support these two specific local non-profits because I know that they are creating strong, healthy relationships within communities centered around a deep connection with the food cycle.  I value their strong ethic around social justice, sustainability, and giving people choice with food.  

 "Phat Beets Produce aims to create a healthier, more equitable food system in North Oakland through providing affordable access to fresh produce, facilitating youth leadership in health and nutrition education, and connecting small farmers to urban communities via the creation of farm stands, farmers’ markets, and urban youth market gardens. "

 "Planting Justice is democratizing access to affordable, nutritious food by empowering disenfranchised urban residents with the skills, resources, and inspiration to maximize food production, economic opportunities, and environmental sustainability in our neighborhoods."