TinyActionTV Pilot Episode: Powerful Brain Hack to Stop Bingeing


Happy Thanksgiving!  It is that time of year that we like to talk about gratitude.  What are you grateful for?

Instead of talking about gratitude just one day a year, I want to encourage you to choose to be grateful every day of the year. 

Gratitude is a brain hack, as my student and friend Tatum McGuire likes to say. Just through the process of feeling what we are grateful for, we are inherently headed in a  positive upward spiral trajectory.  

There is a lot of science to back it up too.  Dr. Emmons out of UC Davis, leading gratitude researcher, and he has shown that gratitude increases happiness, decreases depression and also supports us to let go of toxic emotions like resentment and guilt.

Those of us familiar with the downward spiral of out-of-control eating know all too well that it is often these toxic emotions that send us straight to the bottom of the chip bag.  

I want to offer you one Tiny Action, which is that you start to use your alarm clock, or if you are so lucky to wake up naturally, that first moment that you wake up, as the trigger to think of one thing you were truly grateful for from the day before.

Instead of thinking, “I am grateful for family.” Think: “I am grateful that my brother picked the kids up from school yesterday.” The more specific the better. 

When we focus on gratitude, we put ourselves into a state of being where we are more positive and more conscious to make the choices that we want for our life.

And when we are in that positive conscious state of being that this is where we get to make the empowered choices around our eating. 

So if you are ready to start living the life you have actually been so hungry for all along, I want to support you to start that gratitude practice first thing tomorrow morning.