TinyActionTV Episode #09: One Powerful Trick to Escape Emotional Eating

Have you ever had it happen where someone says something that triggers tears, and you can feel those tears rising, and you do everything you can to push them down, then you think about Doritos, and you go get the Doritos and you eat them all?

I know that that was a common pattern for me. I didn't wanna feel my emotions. I didn't wanna show my emotions for sure, so what did I do?

I pushed them down and ate instead.

The reality is if you are an emotional eater, and you don't choose to feel your feelings in the moment when they happen, it's gonna end up in emotional eating.

And my guess is that emotional eating is not going to actually help, but only make you feel worse.

So my tiny action for you today is that when you have one of those moments where you feel your tears starting to rise, that you remove yourself from the situation and that you choose to actually feel what it feels like in your eyes and in your cheeks when you're crying.

Just focus your mind on those sensations in your eyes and in your cheeks, and notice what it's like, and allow the tears to come, choose to feel.

If you feel now, you don't have to eat about it later.  Choose to feel!