TinyActionTV Episode #08: How to Make a Binge Work for You

Oh God, I feel so bad, I'm so full, I'm so bloated, why did I do this to myself?

Well, F** it.  I’ll justeat some more ice cream.

I know that I used to find myself stuck in that cycle, where I would eat in a way that would make me feel really poorly.  Then I wanted to do something to alleviate feeling so bad, so I'd eat some more to distract myself and end up feeling even worse.

Can you relate? I know a lot of people can.

I want offer a new perspective today. Choose to be your own scientist about your own body.

Choose to pay attention to how your body feels. Accumulate data about your body, like a scientist doing an experiment.

Let that bloating be a data point that lets you know that ice cream makes you feel awful. Listen to your body. 

The more data points you accumulate over time will help you to make better choices and to stand more solidly in your relationship with food and your body.

The most important part about this though, is that if scientists are doing their job right, they are not putting their own personal judgment into their experiments.

If you judge yourself for taking an action that makes you feel poorly that only compounds the problem. So drop the judgment, and listen to your body. 

Your Tiny Action today is to take a moment the next time you feel really poorly from what you ate, reflect on what it was you just ate, and you notice, when I eat that way, it makes me feel this way. Without any judgment.

Over time, you build up enough of those data points, it makes it a lot easier to not make those choices that make your body feel so badly. But remember, you need to do it without judgment.