TinyActionTV Episode #07: Drop the Self-Judgment with this Simple Tool

In today's episode of Tiny Action TV, we're looking at a really important topic for finding freedom from the food crazies: self-judgment. Judging yourself for what you eat, how you feel, how you look, what you said, the way you reacted, whatever it may be.

I know that self-judgment is one of the things that keeps people stuck in the mental cycles that perpetuate the food crazies, emotional eating and bingeing.

What to do about the self-judgment?

It's a difficult topic but I have a number of great tools and one tiny one that I'm gonna share with you today.

Today’s tool is straightforward and it's physical. I love the physical tools. It always helps when you get out of your mind and into your body.

In that moment where you notice that you have some judgment coming through your mind, that you take that moment and you take your hand and make it shaped like a hook. You take that hook and you drag it in front of your mind and then you flick it away. (Watch the video if you want to see how it is done.)

You unhook your mind from those negative thoughts.

The reality is our mind is always gonna think. It's both the joy and detriment of how our minds work. When we cultivate our capacity to control and change our thoughts, we get to get out of the mental cycles of self-judgment that I like to call the shame and guilt spiral of doom.

When we can get off of that downward spiral then we can start to make actions, make choices and stand up for ourselves in our life, in our food relationship and in our bodies in an evermore profound and caring way.

Today for your Tiny Action: the next time that you notice yourself getting down on yourself for something you said, did, ate or how you look, any kind of self-judgment that you've got going, that you give this tiny tool a try.

Use this physical gesture to unhook your mind from those thoughts. It takes practice and consistency.  With time, it can be all you need to totally reroute your thoughts, and not end up elbow deep in the chip bag.