TinyActionTV Episode #06: The Secret to Resolutions that Work

My Resolutions: I am going to work out for two hours a day every day, and I'm gonna drink eight glasses of water and I'm gonna eat three balanced meals, and healthy snacks in between, and I'm always gonna make them all myself, and, and, and, and…. 

I find this time of year it's really easy for people to fall into the downfall of trying to take on way too much all at once. And it ends up getting people in trouble, because it's impossible to implement that much new behavioral change and sustain it over time.

But you know what is possible? One Tiny Action after another.

Here is a metaphor that I think could help you a lot, to really understand what I'm saying here. If you're in America and you set sail for Africa, if you change your trajectory by just one degree, you'll end up in Europe.

A one degree shift right in front of you, can set you onto an entirely new trajectory over time.

In my own life, I used to have that big laundry list of activities that I needed to be doing in order to be good and healthy.

I had this whole vision of all the things I should do every day, including a long morning practice.  But, because I couldn’t do all of it, I wasn’t doing any of it. 

I was challenged by someone to just unroll my yoga mat and stand on it every single day.

Commit to that one tiny thing. And that's what I did.

Once I was on that yoga mat, I was more likely to stretch. And then once I was stretching, I was more likely to get up and go on a walk afterwards.

That one tiny action now has me into a relationship with my morning practice where it takes me well over two hours if I'm doing it full out. And I love it, I do it many, many, many days a week, and it fulfills me deeply.

But there's no way that I could possibly have implemented the morning practice of my dreams, in full, from the beginning.

For your tiny action, I want you to think about what is your equivalent action to "rolling out the yoga mat and standing on it."

What's that one tiny thing that you can actually commit to doing in a daily, ritualized way, that will lead you towards that bigger vision of what you're wanting for your life this year.

I know you can create more for your life than you ever have before, one tiny action at a time. Tiny actions add up.