TinyActionTV Episode #05: How to Make your Diet Resolutions Actually Stick this New Year

Happy New Years! What's your resolution going to be this New Year?

People are making resolutions left and right and it's a time of year where everybody has a lot of excitement and momentum, and then what happens in a couple weeks? Life happens.

And, people don't go to the gym a couple days in a row and they let their entire year of resolutions drop by the wayside. Have you ever have that happen before? I know that I have.

I want to offer you a total reframe on the concept of commitment that has the power to completely change your year this year.

Commitment does not need to be perfect in it's execution. You do not need to show up at the gym every single day perfectly in order to keep showing up at all.

That's where people get stuck. Something will happen, they won’t go one day, and they'll let the whole thing go.

You don't need to be perfect. You can stay committed while not being perfect in my actions around that commitment. If I fail once, I don’t have to give up. 

Ahhh! Pretty revolutionary.

Today for your tiny action, I want to support you to commit to your New Year’s Resolution.  As you commit, decide to commit to it imperfectly. Commit in a way where your resolution is stronger than your need to execute that resolution perfectly. 

Imperfect commitment. That is the key.

May it be yours today. And, may it completely change the trajectory of your life this year.