TinyActionTV Episode #04: The Secret to Self Worth


Have you ever told yourself that you can’t get that pedicure until you've lost that five pounds, or that you can't possibly buy yourself a pair of jeans in that size?

All the time I see people who are struggling with taking care of themselves and giving themselves the little self-care treats right now, because they don't feel like they're worth it.

Their worth will come once they are skinny enough. They will be worth taking care of once they are fitting into that smaller jean size.

I want to tell you one thing, loud and clear: you are so worthy. YOU ARE WORTH IT RIGHT NOW.

I wanna offer you the idea that you start now. Don’t wait until the jeans fit to claim your self-worth.  

Start now, go get that pedicure today.

Have you been putting off getting that pair of beautiful underwear until you're a smaller size? Go pick up a few pairs for yourself.

I guarantee it that looking down at your toes, or seeing yourself in a prettier pair of panties, will shift your inner experience of your self worth.

That strengthened place of self-worth is an essential component to dropping the food crazies, once and for all. 

So, my friends, my tiny action for you today is to: start now. Start NOW!

Decide right now, what is that one lovely self-care action that you're holding back from giving yourself and give it to yourself now.

It says... can you guess it? 

Start now.