TinyActionTV Episode #37: The Link Between Bingeing and Perfectionism

Hi, my name is Natalie. I'm a recovering perfectionist.

Are you a member of Perfectionist Anonymous?

I know that when I was struggling with binge eating every single day for over a decade that all I wanted to do was to do it right, to be perfect and to not keep messing up all the time.

I would try really hard to seek that perfection, to be good. And ultimately, what would happen is it would swing the other way and I'd end up stuck in these behaviors that left me feeling out of control and crazy.

What I've learned through my journey of recovery is that it's absolutely essential to let go of the perfectionism and instead, to seek presence.

When we're actually present with what's happening in the present moment, then we can notice the thought patterns that lead us towards those actions of out of control eating.

But when we're stuck in that perfectionistic mindset, then we are always seeking something forward in the future. We're not here now.

When we're in that seeking mindset, we aren't aware enough to notice those classic old thoughts that lead to those classic old actions.

If you want to let go of your out of control eating habits once and for all, then I want to support you to seek presence, not perfection.

Today for your Tiny Action, when you notice yourself going off into that perfectionistic "someday I'm going to get it right. I'm going to be perfect. I'm going to do all these things to get there."

I want you to instead take a deep breath, feel your body pressing down against the ground, be here in this present moment through the sensation in your body, and seek presence, not perfection.

If that sounds good but you don't really know what I'm talking or how to get to that place of presence, then the Goodbye Binge Eating Foundation's course is the place for you to start.

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