TinyActionTV Episode #36: The Solution to Mindless Eating

People who are struggling with out of control eating usually end up eating really quickly, standing in the pantry when no one's watching. 

Or classically, in front of the TV, mindlessly eating that whole family size bag of chips and not even realizing you're done until you're done.

Sound familiar?

Instead of getting stuck in those mindless cycles of eating, what I want to do is give you permission to savor sensation.

It's okay to enjoy eating.

It's okay to feel good.

It's okay to feel good feelings through the sensations in your body.

In fact, when you choose to focus your mind on pleasurable sensation, you're able to have a richer experience of life.

When you are eating, I am suggesting that you pay close attention to what it looks like and smells like, the textures, the taste—  to savor those sensations.

There is actually a part of our digestive process that gets stimulated through sight and smell, and if we neglect those sensations—  if we're mindlessly eating— then that digestion aspect never gets stimulated and we don't feel full.

So we end up eating a lot more, and don’t even notice it. 

Another really important reason to savor sensation is that when you actually focus on savoring the sensation of your eating, then you actually get that deep satisfaction that you want from the food.

It's okay for you to feel pleasure. And I want to support you to experience it in your eating, as well as in the other aspects of your life.

Feel the pleasure of putting lotion on your skin. Feel the pleasure of the sun soaking into you. Feel the pleasure of being able to look at beautiful things. It's okay to feel good.

When you savor sensation, the world gets a lot brighter.

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