TinyActionTV Episode #35: Powerful Tool to Stop Obsessive Thoughts About the Past

A quote that has been so important on my own journey of having recovered from being stuck in the cycles of bulimia for over a decade, was this one: "pain is inevitable, suffering is optional."

The intense moments of pain are going to happen. The people we love are going to get sick, we will get laid off, these things are part of what it is to be human.

What we have choice around is how we then react to that initial moment of pain.

Today I want to talk about a very specific part of how we react, and teach you what I think is one of the most powerful tools on the path to food freedom, and that is acceptance.

We need to accept what is.

If we're in resistance to what actually has happened, then we are creating more suffering for ourselves.


If we are arguing with ourselves in our mind over something that has already happened by imagining how we could do a past scenario differently, we're creating more suffering for ourselves with those thought patterns.

Instead, I offer you this very powerful phrase that you can say to yourself when you notice yourself stuck in those mental head trips of "if only I had," "if only it hadn't happened."

That magical phrase: it is as it is.

It is as it is.

I accept that it is as it is. This is what is happening, so instead of creating more suffering for myself through my resistance to what is true, I am instead going to just accept that it is as it is.

In finding that acceptance, you eliminate that suffering for yourself. 

The less suffering we're experiencing, the more able we are to actually show up in choice about how we're eating, and to not numb out our emotions and painful though patterns with food.

Over and over again, each time you notice those suffering thought patterns, say to yourself, "it is as it is."

Acceptance is freedom.

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