TinyActionTV Episode #34: Surprising Secret to Busting through Resistance

If you're sick and tired of the food crazies, then my guess is that you want to figure out how to control your eating so that you don’t go crazy yourself.

You're ready to be done with the bingeing, done with the emotional eating, and ready to feel like you actually don't obsess about food all the time.

Usually when people are feeling that way, they start to think, "what's the next diet I can go on?”

They think: "I'm going to control my eating so that I can push through this resistance that I have to changing myself, the resistance to being the best version of myself."

And what I find is that when people try to push through that resistance, it doesn't work.

They're using willpower, they're using this artificial energy that ends up busting and you don't end up where you want.

What happens when willpower busts out on a diet?

You end up swinging way the other direction and eating everything in the house.

It happens like clockwork, guaranteed.

So instead of pushing through the resistance to change, I want to offer an essential mindset shift: rest through the resistance.

Give yourself the permission to chill out.

The reality is is that we are all super overwhelmed and stressed out these days. The phone is always blinging, the boss is always calling, the kids are always yelling. There's always a lot going on.

When we are stuck in so much stress from the intensity of life all the time, the last thing that we need is try to push through the resistance of our food behaviors to try to control them.

If we want to actually create sustainable change, the answer is to instead of pushing through that resistance, to rest through the resistance.

What I mean by that: go take a bath. Go take a walk. Go do something nice for yourself. Put on some music and just lie down.

Rest through it. By giving yourself the ability to rest you can then, from a nurtured and nourished place, show up and start to make different choices about the way you're eating.

I am dedicated to continuing to teach you more tiny actions to help you live the life that you've actually been so hungry for all along.

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