TinyActionTV Episode #33: How to Change Habits Without Willpower

Do you desperately want to change your out of control eating patterns?

Are you so ready to finally figure this food struggle out? 

I bet that you feel like you can't trust yourself because you failed at so many of the other things that you've tried in the past.

That at this point, there is little will in you to do something new and to try something else.

You aren't alone. 

Showing up and making a big change in your own life requires conjuring up the tenacity to change from somewhere deep inside.

It’s time to find the source of your tenacity.  


It takes getting in touch with the deep desire to change (from a loving and caring place) to get in touch with that tenacity that helps you to push through that first couple layers of resistance so that you can actually start to behave in new ways that are supportive.

Now, I'm not talking about using willpower to stay on a diet. I'm not talking about using willpower to do that exercise routine that's actually killing you.

I'm talking about conjuring up a deep tenacity from inside of yourself to take care of yourself, to make one tiny action after another, to move more and more into self acceptance and into empowered choice so that you can create the life that you've actually been so hungry for.

Where does that tenacity come from?

We have to focus on our hearts’ deepest desires to find that tenacity. 

Find it and gnash it. Gnash your tenacity!

Sometime we have to call on something outside of ourselves: call on that wolf howling at the moon, or you think about someone who's been through something so much more intense than what you're going through— maybe someone experiencing war time or working with a disability. Persevere! 

Think about those people. Feel into it, and gnash your tenacity. Let that tenacity build up inside yourself and take that next step.

It's not always going to be easy, but once we start taking steps, once we start the motivation, we can be the snowball rolling down the hill.

But the essential thing therein is that you're not doing it from a place of restriction and push, but from a place of tenacity, from a place of, "I am going to do this for my life. I am going to take a stand. I am going to do what I need to do, so that I can figure out how to live this life that I have actually been so hungry for all along." 

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