TinyActionTV #32: The Downfall of Body-Checking Everyone, and What to Do Instead

When I was still really struggling with my disordered eating and my body self-hatred, I would walk into a room and I would body-check myself against everyone else that was there.

"Am I the biggest? Who has the smallest thighs? What are they eating? What am I eating?"

I would try to make sense of my self worth through that kind of comparative thinking.

But do you know the only thing that the comparisons actually did?

It would get me stuck on the guilt and shame spiral of doom.

Once I got onto that spiral of doom, guaranteed, I was headed straight for binge land.

That kind of comparative thinking puts us into that polarized perspective of good and bad- the black-and-white thinking that got us in this mess in the first place.

If you've been watching TinyActionTV for long enough, then you know it's precisely that good and bad, black-and-white thinking that is what is keeping us stuck on the cycle between restriction and out-of-control eating.

If you want to get off that downward spiral to binge land, I want to give you the tiny action of how to stop that comparison thinking. Comparison kills.

Every time that you notice a comparing thought going through your mind- comparing you to anyone or anything else- that you choose to unhook your mind from it.

Take your fingers in the shape of a hook, you drag it across your forehead, imagine pulling that thought out of your mind and body, and flicking it away. (Helpful to watch the video to see it in action.)

It's powerful to do it with your body, because it gets it out of just your mind, into your body, and right on out of your system.

The more often you do it, the more often you're aware that you're comparing and choose to unhook, the less times that you're going to actually have those comparing thoughts.

When you have fewer comparing thoughts, it's much easier to listen deeply to your own body, to understand what it is you want and need at any given moment.

Then you will be more able to make the empowered choices about your food and body so that you can actually live the life that you've been so hungry for all along.

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