TinyActionTV Episode #26: How Your Thoughts Affect Your Eating And What To Do About It

If you're struggling with out of control eating issues, then I bet that what you're thinking is: “Ugh if only I could control my eating. If I only I could not eat the food."

It's an understandable desire to not eat the food.

But I don't think that it's the food that's actually the problem. I think it's actually the symptom.

If you trace it farther back, what it actually comes down to is our thoughts.

It's the little thoughts that are running through your mind all the time that lead you to the food behaviors that you want to stop. 

If you're having self-judging thoughts-- if you're having thoughts of guilt and of shame, and general negativity in your thought patterning, then it's really simple to go from those thoughts straight to the bottom of the chip bag.

If you want to get away from the eating behaviors, it's time to start looking at how you're thinking, and to learn some powerful tools about how to choose your thoughts.

Your tiny action for today is to decide what is that negative thought patterning that you get stuck in all the time — on that hamster wheel of your thoughts.

Maybe it's self judgment about your body, maybe it is the stress of your husband, maybe it is what the boss is saying, maybe it's your kids.

But decide what that is for you and then decide to start to bring more and more awareness to the moments when your thought patterns are going there.

Then say this to yourself each time you notice you are thinking about that negative thought: “Oh, there I go thinking about that again.”

Then, re-direct your mind on to something else. I suggest that you then choose to redirect on to something that you're feeling grateful for.

Recap: you notice that you're having that negative thought, you go, "oh, there I am doing that again." Give yourself a little smile and think about something you're feeling grateful for.

The more times you catch yourself doing that, the more times you are actively choosing your thoughts.

When you can choose your thoughts, you can choose your actions, and you can let go of the out of control eating behaviors.