How Last Supper Mentality Leads to Binge Eating

How often do you find yourself sliding down this slippery slope:  “I want that chocolate. I’ll just get it now, and I can eat it on the way home and no one will ever know! I know it isn’t on my diet, but I’ll just start again tomorrow.

Let’s say you got the candy bar and you scarfed it down so fast you barely tasted it. Ugh! 

Next thing you know, you stopped by McDonald’s for a small shake that somehow ended up large and drank that before you got home, too. 

Now, it’s ten to eleven at night and you’re prowling the kitchen, searching for something to satisfy your sweet tooth while munching on chips of all things!

This, my dear,  is classic all-or-nothing black-and-white thinking, also known as The Last Supper: if I’m not perfect with my eating today, then I will be healthy again starting tomorrow. Until then I have no other choice but to go crazy with last supper eating! 

You are so not alone with this. AND busting out of Last Supper Mentality is an essential part of finding Food Freedom. 

How about you replace that thought with a different one: it's one moment at a time, it isn’t one day, or one week at a time.  (“I’ll start on Monday” people, I’m talking to you…..)

Each new moment is a moment when you can be aware of the pattern you are in, examine, and instead make a different empowered choice.  You can choose at any minute to shift your trajectory by changing your next thought. 

Maybe you don’t feel like you could ever possibly do this, but the truth is that I help people every day to rewire their brains and begin to think new thoughts, and make new choices.  

Think of it this way: each thought, each action, each choice, is moving us one direction on the Spiral of Life or another.  

‘‘Our thoughts move us into or out of ever greater alignment with what we value and how we want to feel. 

When you recognize yourself having Last Supper thoughts what can you do? 

Pause. Breathe. And have no judgment about which direction you are heading.

You heard me - no judgement! And why? Because each experience - good and bad - can help you in each moment to see what your next thought or action might be.

The important thing to remember is that you can choose how you want to feel. You have the power of choice! So you bought something you craved and scarfed it down? It happens. And that’s okay. 

It’s in that moment when you think “I’ll start again tomorrow” and you find yourself looking for something else to eat that I encourage you to take that pause. 

Think about what you really want; what you really need. Are you moving into or out of greater alignment with what you value and how you want to feel? Ask yourself without judgment: is this food going to help me to feel the way I want to feel?