Do you have a Mean Girl in your head that makes you feel terrible about yourself?

“Who’s that person in the picture? It CANNOT be me! Oh, my God, it is…”

Ouch. What a painful thought that is! I hear that pain all too often from my students on the Path to Food Freedom. Consumer culture has brainwashed us into believing we must have a certain body type or We’re. Just. Not. Good. Enough.

That’s BS!! You thought it, too, right? But how do you actually take that thought into action.

It’s a lot easier to think “that’s BS” than to actually show up and love ourselves just as we are, huh?

How do you change the narrative and break away from consumer culture’s lies? 

First, you accept that your body is as it is. We can't love what we don't first accept. 

So in order to move into self-love we first have to move into acceptance.  

Acceptance doesn't equal approval. You don't have to like something in order to accept that it is reality. 

When you resist what is reality, you create suffering in your mind and in your actions. Accept that your body is the size it is. You don’t have to like it, to accept that it is as it is.

Again, easier said than done! It takes practice to rewire our brains away from the negative, resistant, self-hating voice. 

My favorite tool for learning self-love is the :”Mean Girl voice vs. the Auntie voice” that I teach in the Path to Food Freedom Curriculum. 

That first line of this blog? That’s the Mean Girl, that is most likely running the show in your thoughts. 

In order to change those thoughts, you need to create an Auntie voice. The Auntie voice is this loving, kind, compassionate voice that takes no BS!  You have to cultivate this voice, who responds to the Mean Girl voice from a place of compassion and kindness. 

It’s time to start talking to yourself with more kindness; time to start responding to the self-judging voice in your mind from a place of compassion. Accepting ourselves as we are in this moment is key to releasing negative body image, and your Auntie voice can help you do just that.