What Are You Actually Hungry For?

We all have deeper hungers-- hungers for love, connection, intimacy, adventure, service, play, rest, relaxation. This list can go on! 

These deeper hungers, when not honored, are one thing that fuel people to eat in ways that make them feel out of control. The Food Freedom Journey is a process of honoring those deeper hungers. 

There are layers to these deeper hungers— there are core needs (physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual), and there are our deeply seated values. When our core needs are met we are better able to live lives that honor our values.  

Self care plays a critical role in meeting our most basic needs, so that we can fulfill our deeper hungers. 

Think about your physical needs. What is one place where you aren’t meeting your physical needs? Think: hydration, movement, flexibility, skincare, dental hygiene, etc.

Choose one very small action- something that takes less than a minute-- and dedicate yourself to doing it every day for a week.  By making a super small commitment you can dramatically support yourself towards ever deeper self-care: by taking a deep breath while focusing on gratitude, putting nice lotion on your face, or drinking a glass of water when you wake up each morning.

My morning practice, which I have been cultivating for years, starts my day off in a way that leaves me feeling fulfilled, balanced, and more capable of making supportive food choices throughout the day.

This whole practice (now 30-45 minutes a day) just started with the tiniest action of committing to rolling out the yoga mat and standing on it. That was it. That one tiny action. Once the yoga mat was out, and I was standing, I was much more likely to actually stretch.  Think about your tiny action through this lens. 

What’s your one action that you’re ready to commit to for the next week? When in your day are you going to do it? What is it going to look like? 

Once you have implemented your tiny action for a week, notice how you feel. Accomplished? Capable? More grounded? Has it had any impact on your eating? Your perception of your body?

Once you get the ball rolling, the next step is to add in another tiny action and another, until you are meeting your base needs on a regular basis.   

My morning practice went from rolling out the yoga mat to a thorough yoga routine, praying and singing for a while, and journaling with my coffee.  This grew over time.  One tiny action at a time.