One Simple Gesture Can Set Your Mind Free

How many times have you gotten triggered by an experience, and it feels like your mind gets hooked onto a downward spiral of thoughts that ends up in you eating everything in the pantry?

Pema Chodron so brilliantly talks about the moment of getting triggered and then hooked onto an action by your thoughts, as the desire to scratch the itch.  It is the temporary pleasure of relief at the bottom of the chip bag that ends up creating more suffering down the road. 

So, what do you do with this? The practice is one of committing to unhook your mind from those thoughts, over and over again. 

The more times that we unhook, the more opportunities we have to create new pathways in our minds and our patterns.  This is the magic sauce to learning how to make a different choice in the moment, instead of eating everything in sight.

Today's Tiny Action is to create a physical gesture to embody unhooking yourself from the mental attachment to the trigger.

This is what it looks like:

Take your finger and make a hook, and raise the hook up to your head.  Move your hand from the center of your head to the side, as you flick your fingers to the side. As you do this, envision literally removing the thought from your mind, and letting it go into the ether.

Try that on next time you feel yourself pulled by a thought-triggered behavioral pattern that you no longer want. Then try it again. See what happens when you keep choosing to flick that thought out of your mind.