How to Go From "It Just Keeps Getting Worse" to "Better and Better All the Time" with One Movement

David Sherry

David Sherry

Do you ever get caught up in negative thoughts that end up leading you down the rabbit hole of out-of-control eating?

A mental framework that I have been developing in the Path to Food Freedom work is what I like to call “The Spiral of the Moment.” Think about the experience of your life as a spiral— we are always somewhere on the spiral.  

When we are moving upwards on the spiral, we are moving in the direction of life fulfillment, satisfaction and alignment.  When we are moving downwards on the spiral, we are moving deeper into judgement, discomfort, and pain. This is the land of bingeing.
In each moment, we make choices that either lead us up the spiral, down it, or keep us in a neutral position. Acknowledging this moment of choice empowers you to more actively choose what direction you want to be going on the spiral. 

One of the 5 steps in my curriculum in the Path to Food Freedom is Resilience.  Resilience is the ability to quickly stop the downward spiral and to neutralize, or start moving up. It is the ability to spring back from difficult moments and make a choice that honors you and your deeper hungers.  

One of my favorite quotes is from the Japanese novelist, Haruki Murakami: “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” Life is going to happen. The question is, what are you going to do with the pain? Are you going to dwell in it and make choices that keep you going further down the spiral, or are you going to choose thoughts and actions that support you to rise up. 

Start to pay attention to when you are making choices that lead you down the spiral— when you are perpetuating a painful moment through your thought.  These choices are often old, comfortable thought patterning that lead to habitual action with food.  

1) Notice downward spiral thoughts.
2) When you notice one, give your foot a stomp, and as you do, send that downward-spiral thought out of your body and into the ground. 

Once you are routinely noticing which direction your thoughts are sending you on the spiral, you gain the ability to quickly shift your direction. 

Catch those thoughts perpetuating pain into suffering and redirect them onto something you want more of in your life. Think about something up-lifting. Transform that downward spiral thinking into creativity and problem solving. Think about a challenging garden project, a Pinterest board of travel spots, or reach out to a friend with a loving text message. 

David Sherry

David Sherry