TinyActionTV Episode #02: One Simple Tool to End Mindless Eating


How many times have you ended up staring at the bottom of that ice cream carton not knowing where it all just went?! 

Mindless eating plagues so many folks that I talk to—whether it is eating really fast, eating distracted, or eating in away where they are numbing out from whatever stress or pain was just happening.
If you want to find freedom from that kind of eating, one of the absolute most powerful things that you can do is to slow down and savor the eating experience, by using your senses.

Let me tell you, it’s a lot more fun because you actually get to embrace the experience of eating the food instead of eating it mindlessly and then feeling guilty about it.

We are at this time of year— the holidays — where there are so many wonderful celebratory foods that are only around now. It’s the perfect time of year to try this on.

When you are sitting down with Aunt Betsey’s pecan praline cheesecake this year, instead of starting to count the calories in your head or feeling really guilty that no one else is having a piece, try something new.
Before you pick up the fork, carefully look at that piece of cheesecake for one whole breath. Notice the way that the pecans are glazed in just that way that only Aunt Betsey can do.

Then I want you to lean down to the plate and really smell all of the different ingredients that make up that delicious morsel.  
Only then, pick up that fork and take your first bite.  As you do it, allow it to melt in your mouth, paying attention to the textures and really savoring the whole experience through your senses.

When you eat mindfully, actively using every one of your senses, studies are shown that it will help you to eat less, eat more satisfied and not eat in a way that makes you feel out of control and crazy.

Choose to use your senses.  Your senses set you free from mindless eating.  Every time.  

Tiny Action: Next time you are eating a food that you often eat mindlessly, do an experiment.

Before you take a bite, take one breath to really look at what you are about to eat. Take another breath to really smell the food in front of you. Then, take your first bite and notice the textures and tastes.

See how many bites you can take in a row where you are really paying attention to the amazing sensations of eating.