TinyActionTV Episode #19: One Essential Mindset Shift to Stop Out-of-Control Eating

When you're really struggling, getting through it and into a balanced, healthy place can feel insurmountable.  I completely understand.

When I was struggling with my crazy, out of control eating patterns, which let me tell you, were super crazy.

In the course of one day I would go from restricting, heavy restricting dieting, to out of control binging and ultimately purging, too. It was excruciating.

There was a part of me that thought, “This can never change. There is no way that I can ever get through this."

Something happened to me one day which shifted my perspective.  I came to the recognition that I was going to commit to the journey and to keep taking the next step, with the recognition that this wasn't something that I was gonna fix all at once.

It wasn't going to be this magical moment where I now eat heathfully with ease and I feel totally relaxed around food. That kind of epiphany wasn't gonna be the thing that got me there.

But what was, was continuing to take just the next step.

I sought support, I found a therapist. She was nice, she didn't really have tools for me. I found a nutritionist. He led me further down the path to disordered eating.

But I didn't let any of those steps foil me and not continue forward with my commitment to find this food freedom thing for myself.

As I kept taking steps, momentum kept building.

One of the most important things about a step is that it's small.

If you've been hanging out for a while, you know that this is TinyActionTV and I am all about those tiny actions, those very small behavioral changes that you can start to make to keep walking along that path to Food Freedom.

So my Tiny Action for you today is just feel into what is that next small action that you can take to get you further along your path, with the recognition that there is going to be boulders right in front of you, you're gonna have to walk around them.

Things aren't gonna go perfectly. And you aren't going to be able to execute everything that you want and get it all done now.

Today’s coloring book page is a beautiful one.  Printing it out and coloring it in could be your Next Step in your food freedom journey. 

If not that, then think about focusing on meeting your core physical needs: drinking one glass of water, go to sleep 5 minutes earlier, roll out your yoga mat and stand on it.  

Just take that next step.  And feel the momentum build.