TinyActionTV Episode #16: What the Flu Can Teach Us About Perfection and Commitment

On today's episode of Tiny Action TV, I'm gonna get real with you. I am real with my dirty hair, my pajamas, and my croaky, froggy voice, because I have been sick in bed with the flu for the last five days.

I've had a thermometer in my mouth more times than I've had food in my mouth. And let me tell you, it's been a bit brutal.

I am still here, making today's episode, because I made a commitment. 

I made a commitment to myself and my students to make one of these videos every single Tuesday for the whole year, and I'm doing that today.

And the teaching that I wanna highlight as I'm showing up just as I am, as real as I am today, is that commitment doesn't have to be perfect in its own execution.

We don't have to be perfect in everything that we do, in order to stay committed to our journey.

So here I am showin' up as my full, real, flu self, to teach you that it's more powerful to take one tiny action today towards the life that you want for yourself than to try to do it all tomorrow perfectly.

'Cause when we try to do it perfectly, we're pulling that pendulum up to one side, inevitably, something's gonna happen that's gonna swing the other direction, and we're gonna end up feelin' out of control and crazy and it's probably gonna end up in a binge.

I have really worked hard to let go of my perfectionism. I've decided instead that I want to maintain my commitment to the journey of food freedom.

And I hope that you find that same in your life. So today, what's that tiny action that you can make to take just a little bit of care for yourself, instead of trying to do it all tomorrow?

Hope you all have a great day, and find your own commitment without perfection.