TinyActionTV Episode #15: How to Get Off the Binge Train

Have you ever had the experience where something happens and you have the thought of ice cream sandwiches (insert your binge food here), and then the next thing you know, you are on the freight train to binge land and you can't stop until you've picked up three at the store and eaten all of them?

Well, if you can relate to that, then today's post is going be great for you.

What I wanna help you do is to pry those apart where you acknowledge that the urge can be distinct from the action.

The way to create this distinction is by creating one tiny pause between that initial thought and your act of going and fulfilling on that thought.

What this would look like is that if you're on the freight train to binge land, that you take a moment to have the awareness of "I'm on a freight train."

Just take one conscious breath, and acknowledge you're on the train. Take that one pause.

What that one pause can eventually do is it can lead you to a place where you have the awareness that you're on the train.

Maybe you sit down in the middle of the kitchen floor on the way to the fridge, and you surf that urge— you sit with it while it's happening, and notice it without acting on it.

Eventually what can happen is you can completely separate having an urge from having to act on it.

You're urge and you're action are not the same thing, and you can separate the two, but in order to do it, the very first thing you have to do is to take one pause and have the awareness that you're on the train to binge land.

As you take that pause, take that deep breath and move on from there.

If you end up binging, that's okay. This is a long journey and it doesn't happen overnight.

But the first time you take the pause can get you to the place where the next time you take a little bit longer until you ultimately can completely separate that urge from action and not binge at all. It is powerful stuff.

There is an amazing amount of power in taking just that one pause. 

Find your of Power of the Pause!