TinyActionTV Episode #14: The Secret to Deal with Binge Guilt

So many of the people who are struggling with out of control eating are trying so hard to be perfect. And if they can't be perfect,then they might as well not do anything at all.

Swinging from trying to be perfect by restricting and dieting, and then failing at those extreme efforts and swinging over to failure and bingeing on everything in sight.

Can you relate to that?

It is a cycle.  Perfection is impossible.  Trying to achieve perfection is a set up for failure. 

The mindset shift that I want to offer you is that the only thing that is perfect is the present moment.

The reason why this is the only thing that is perfect is because you can't argue with what's happening right now.

It is, it is happening. And if you argue with it, you are creating more suffering for yourself. 

One common way that people create more suffering for themselves if by shaming and guilting themselves when they don’t achieve perfection. 

This doesn't mean that you don't have the sovereignty to take action to change things in the future.

But if you argue against what is happening right now, you are just creating more suffering for yourself.

So, I want you to really consider this. The next time that you're in a moment where you're deep down in a binge, I want you to ask yourself: “How could this moment be perfect?"

A hint:  Learning from this moment is one way that you can understand it to be perfect, even if it is an awful low moment.

Ask yourself: What got you into this moment? What action are you doing that doesn't feel good?

Your Tiny Action today is to focus on the perfection of the present moment. Accept what is happening.  Because it is happening.  Feeling guilt about it does not help you get out of it. 

After you accept what is happening, choose one tiny action that brings you into alignment with the life that you value most. Something easy, like drinking a glass of water, or calling a friend. 

May you find perfection in the present moment.