TinyActionTV Episode #13: How to Get Out of Monkey Mind

Today I am going to teach you a really powerful and simple tool to help you when you feel like you are stuck up in "monkey mind."

You know, "monkey mind," where you're ruminating about something in the past or you're freaking out about something that's yet to happen in the future. 

Maybe you can relate to being a balloon head, drifting slightly above your body, definitely not connected.

When we're in that place, it is so easy to go to food for a little relief- to ground us down a little bit, to make us feel a little more stable and even a little more numb.

If you can relate to that, then this tool is going to be really powerful for you. It's very simple.

Today for your tiny action, when you notice that you're up there in the monkey mind and everything's racing, what you're going to do is you're gonna take a deep breath, and ground your feet down.

Take your feet, press them in to the ground, and really feel what they feel like right now as your weight is pressing down. Even better if you do it while standing up.

As you feel your weight pressing down, pay attention to all of the subtle sensations of your feet right here in this  moment.

Notice the texture of your socks, where on your foot the pressure of your weight is.

Then tune your mind into the reality that as you are pressing down on the ground, the ground is pressing back up to meet you.

You are here in your body on this Earth right now.

That is a powerful tool to help you get outta monkey mind, get into your body, and connect to all that is greater than just you.

Just remember, ground your feet down.