TinyActionTV Episode #12: Powerful Question to Stop Out-of-Control Eating

Let me guess, you're here to try to figure out how to control your crazy out-of-control eating. Am I right?

Well, let me tell you something: you are never in control, but you are always in choice.

I see all the time people trying to control and that control ends up backfiring, because let's be real, life is always going to happen.

Things are out of our control all around us all the time. But what we do have is the capacity to show up to each moment and choose how we interact and react.

I’m going to give you a little sliver of my framework of Empowered Choice right now.

Start looking at your choices through the lens of what you care about, asking yourself in the moment, "Do I want to honor my value of enjoyment and satisfaction with this food choice, or do I want to honor my value of long-term health with this food choice?"

You can imagine, if you're choosing from one of those values or another, you're going to make a different choice.  

I'm not saying one is good or bad; they're both valuable.

You care about satisfaction and you care about health. Sometimes you get both at the same time. Yahtzee!

But sometimes we need to make different choices in each moment to honor different values.

Today, for your tiny action, what I want to offer is this one simple question to ask yourself as you choose what you're gonna eat:, "What value do I want to honor with this food choice?"

Notice if you can see which value you are choosing most of the time, and explore what value you want to honor more often.  

Go more in depth with that value.  Ask yourself: “Why do I care about this valuing health?” Give yourself a few minutes to really consider the myriad of reasons why health is a value that you want to honor most. 

You can even make a list and put it up somewhere: "I value health because: it is easier to run around with my kids, it will help me live longer and be more mobile, it gives me the sensations of energy and lightness."

See what comes up on your list. And then the next time you are choosing what to eat, see which value you want to honor. 

This makes it a choice. If you are choosing to honor pleasure, then go full out and really revel in the yumminess. 

If you are choosing to honor health, then embrace the CHOICE and let it fuel you to live the life you have actually been so hungry for all along.