TinyActionTV Episode #11: The Secret to Self-Forgiveness

Have you ever had one of those moments where you said something or did something that made you feel really stupid or embarrassed or bad?

Then you played that scenario over and over and over in your mind and you thought, "Well, I could have said this," "or I could have done this" "or what if I had,” and on and on the thoughts go. 

I bet you can relate, because it's a very human thing to do.

Though, for those folks struggling with eating issues, it's that kind of mental chatter that can end us up elbow deep in that chip bag. 

I want offer you a perspective on self-forgiveness. The way I understand self-forgiveness is throughtwo distinct prongs.

First prong: look at the situation and see, "Did I do something that was some kind of moral or ethical breach?"

If so, then you can make amends for it. You can go to that person or to yourself and say that you're sorry. Acknowledge that you did something that was out of alignment with what you actually value.

The second prong of self-forgiveness is to see that if you didn't make some kind of moral or ethical breach then you were actually just being unskillful.

Now, let me ask, do you look at a little kid who's learning to walk and makes a mistake and falls down and think how bad they are? Do you berate them for it?

Of course you don't, because you understand it's just part of their learning process, so same thing here.

If you acknowledge that that story you're playing over and over was just you being unskillful, then you just choose to let it go. Learn from it and let it go. 

Your tiny action for today is to look at that situation and understand if you need to make amends. If you do, go do it.

If not, let it go! Each time you think about that scenario, gently remind yourself to "Let it GO!"

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