TinyActionTV Episode #10: The Secret to Finally Feeling Good About Yourself


We are here at the end of January, a time of year where lots of people had great intentions at the beginning of the year, for self care, for exercise, or some other new resolution, but now things are slipping and people are feeling bad about it.  Worthless even.  

Can you relate to that? How are you doing with your resolutions right now?

All the time I talk to people who want to take care of themselves, but I find at the core of why they're not, is because they have this guilt that they're not actually worthy of taking care of.

It's not worth it to take care of themselves— that they aren't worthy. But what I want to tell you is that you are absolutely worthy.

Part of how you show yourself your own worth is through your self care.

Today for your tiny action, what I want to offer that you do is that you choose one tiny self care action, something that takes 30 seconds to two minutes, and you commit to doing it every day for the next week.

For me, I start every day with a glass of hot lemon water. I know that by doing that, very first thing in the morning, I'm showing up for myself, for my self care, for my self worth. 

Through that action, I'm able to make even more fulfilling and self care-filled actions in the future, and it builds my feeling of self worth.

I hope that you instill a new tiny action into your life where self care is at the core. Because self care if self worth in action.

Start changing your perspective of how much you are worth by starting to change how you actually care for yourself.