TinyActionTV Episode #01: One Unexpected Trick to Stop Out-of-Control Eating


People tell me all the time that they want to learn how to control their eating.

I look at them and I say, “You are never in control, but you are always in choice."

When you try to control your eating with diets and food rules, you are restricting.

When you restrict, it is only a matter of time before something goes wrong and your willpower drops, and you swing erratically over to out-of-control eating.

It happens every time. It is all the same cycle.

If you are freaking out about your bingeing, I want you to turn your head towards the ways that you are restricting around food. It is that point of restriction where the beginning of the problem really lies.

If you are currently dieting a lot or you have a lot of food rules, I want you to consider the way that those actions are leading to your out-of-control eating patterns.

What i know to be true is that it is absolutely necessary to release that restriction, if we are ever going to get off the pendulum swing.


This Weeks Tiny Action:

When you notice that you are saying “no” to a certain food, ask yourself if you are doing it from the place of restriction or choice.

Remember that the pendulum swing over to out-of-control eating is inevitable if you are restricting.