How to Not Eat the Whole Bag of Chips in One Sitting- Part 1

Oh, Doritos. Sweet Doritos.  How I hated thee. 

I used to have a wicked strong love-hate relationship with that red bag. Many a night ended in a food coma with orange fingers, lying in a pile of chip bags, feeling like a total failure.  So trust me when I say that the knowledge that I am about to share with you is hard won and decades in the making.  And really, it is just the tip of the iceberg of what I have to share about how to end out-of-control eating, once and for all.  

These days, I simply love the Doritos. No more hate. I no longer feel crazy when I eat them, and I don’t eat them nearly as often as I used to. And, believe it or not, an open bag of them has sat in my pantry long enough to get stale.  Seriously.  

Maybe you are asking: But why aren’t you teaching me “How to Not Eat The Chips (substitute any of your own binge foods here) At All?”  I totally get it. 

And if I thought that was the answer to helping you to experience the sweet taste of freedom from crazy out-of-control eating, I would. Unfortunately, this black and white thinking is exactly what got us all in the binge mess in the first place. 

Ok, so ask yourself, “Do I like chips?”  Clearly, the answer for 99.999999% of all humans is a resounding, “Yes!”  That is because they are f’ing delicious.  Heck, they are literally engineered to be that way. 

But, I am going to guess you also feel that chips are bad for you, that you can’t control yourself around them, and that you try really hard to not eat them, even though the dang chips always win in the end. Right?

So, the natural thing to do is to restrict yourself from eating them. You tell yourself “No, I can’t eat even one, or else I’ll go off the deep end.”  You probably avoid the chip aisle in the grocery store, dread the chips and dip on the coffee table at a party, and most definitely do not keep chips in your house.  They just taunt you from the shelf. 

Unfortunately, the natural thing to do, this restricting thing, is exactly what is leading you to binge on the chips.

The more we restrict, the more we binge.  It is as simple as that. 

If you want to stop bingeing on chips, you have to start eating them on a regular basis. 

What?!? I can hear you balk, understandably.  I get it.  I know it is weird. And sounds really scary. But it is true.  Anytime we restrict ourselves, we will eventually lose our willpower and we will end up eating all the chips we can get our hands on. 

 It is all about a mindset shift that the food is no longer illegal to you.  It is no longer on the bad list.   Make eating the chips okay. It is just a food. It does not control you. You choose it. Sometimes. When you feel like it.  And of course, this takes practice, and often times, support.  

In the beginning, you might choose it a lot, but if you follow the tips I will send you over the next week or so, I am sure that the number of times you eat the chips will go down.  And the number of times that you will set them aside for another day will skyrocket.  

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It is my mission in life to support thousands of people to find freedom from out-of-control eating. It is my honor to be able to share all the knowledge and wisdom that I have gained from over a decade studying and supporting people to live a life free from the food crazies.