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Meet Natalie:

Natalie Forsythe is the creator and lead teacher of the Path to Food Freedom educational community. She’s dedicated to helping women+ to embrace their personal power while learning the proven tools to heal their food relationships.

Natalie’s journey to finding freedom in her food relationship has been life long. She can remember spooning brown sugar as a three year old. She started her first diet by fourteen. By the time she left high school, she was struggling with full blown bulimia. She felt totally out of control.

For the last five years of her decade long struggle, she looked for help. During this time Natalie tried just about everything: from nutritionists to therapy, restrictive diets, personal trainers, to just plain trying harder. She found that while some things helped, the treatment options for disordered eating were seriously lacking. There wasn’t holistic support from someone who really got it.

After Natalie’s recovery, she had an epiphany that she wanted to help other people find the freedom she had found. She compiled everything that she had wanted in a healing program from tactical hands-on tips, to tools steeped in Intuitive Eating and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. She saw how important community was, and she saw the impacts of connecting with her body every single day.

Her life’s work has become dedicated to lifting the deep seeded shame around disordered eating, and helping woman step into bigger, bolder lives. After graduating Natalie's program, Alumni have found they are no longer focusing on food with nearly all of their efforts and  have gone on to launch podcasts, modeling careers, start businesses, be more present moms, or simply live their lives.

Natalie is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and earned her Bachelor's in Psychology from Marlboro College. She is certified by The Coaches Training Institute as a Certified Co-Active Coach and by the International Coaching Federation as a Professional Certified Coach. She currently is earning a Certificate in Eating and Weight Disorders from UC Berkeley.